Good design through collaboration.





Research & Ideas Concept

Good design is driven by ideas, clarified by research and developed with in-depth knowledge and understanding of a problem and its context. Each project is an opportunity to solve a challenging problem through meaningful work in close cooperation with the client.

Design & Technology Execution

Ideally, the aim is  to cover all aspects of a person’s experience with the brand, product and/or system in order to make it satysfying, consistent and coherent with broader brand/life context.  There’s more to human interaction with a brand or product than a well designed user interface.


Shaping design directions and user experience is an process, not a goal.  Providing guidance, coordination and — if needed — supervision to create a strategy for design success is an important part of this process.

Expertise: Teamwork and cross-collaboration



Depending on the requirements and scope of a project, I work effectively across teams in order to effectively solve problems — design is a process, not a deliverable.

On independent projects, I work closely with professionals from a proven network of programmers, developers, industrial designers, typographers, photographers, illustrators, and last but not leasts — strategists and consultants.








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