Notes on Design Process: Expectations

Expectations matter.

“Clients seem to get the advertising they deserve. The good ones, they’re risk takers. They’re willing to risk failures for extraordinary success. The bad clients? Fear dribbles down from the top. No one says so, in so many words, but you know no risks will be tolerated, no rules will be broken, that mediocrity is the measure by which your work will be weighed.’”
[Luke Sullivan quoting Lois Korey in: Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Advertising]

“Price and audience are not compelling motivators. Your sense of quality is.”
[Twyla Tharp and Jesse Kornbluth, The Collaborative Habit]

That being said:

1 For better and for worse, treat creative collaboration as an opportunity to challenge the status quo. Yet, be deliberate on where you want to start.

2 Design process should always accommodate continuous experimentation. A process that does not allow for validation of a premise makes unnecessary bets on design.

3 There’s a difference between purpose and practice. There’s no design without a purpose. Practice without a clear goal is called decoration.

4 There’s no excuse for bad design.


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