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Once a year I hold a design workshop in Warsaw. If you want to be updated on these, sign up for the workshop mailing list:

PS Since 2010 I have been a guest lecturer at JagielloĊ„ski Kurs Typografii which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Past editions

The subjects of the workshops usually result from my research, study and challenges of design work.


Humane User Experience 3 hour Crashcourse


Communication for product owners and product makers
How to simultaneously think and design
Information Design: the noble art of subjectivity
April – July 2016
Designer as a planner with an aesthetic sense
Corporate Design: form, function, process
Typography of Branding

Tailored workshops

tailored to specific needs of the individuals who attend, focused on challenges and priorities of your organisation. The scope usually includes: design and desing thinking, communication and group work, working with conflict.

Some of the workshops (see below) may become a part of brand and user experience design process. If you are interested in these, please let me know at

Workshops scope

Design & UX:

  • symbols, workdmarks and marks
  • information design
  • intuitive design
  • user experience, research analysis and design
  • senses in experience design

Branding & Identity:

  • meaning & authenticity
  • brand building, brand identity and big idea
  • customer experience design
  • brand positioning & brand architecture
  • naming
  • brand typography

Group Creativity & Processes:

  • communication
  • design thinking
  • group dynamics
  • conflict and creativity

Books for designers:

Christopher Alexander: Pattern Language
Robert Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style
Karen Cheng: Designing Type
Alan Fletcher: The Art of Looking Sideways
Kenya Hara: Designing Design
Werner Herzog: A Guide for the Perplexed: Conversations with Paul Cronin
George Lakoff, Mark Johnsen: Metaphors we live by
Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit
Edward R. Tufte: Envisioning Information
Alina Wheeler: Designing Brand Identity


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