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Once a year I hold a design workshop in Warsaw. If you want to be updated on these, sign up for the workshop mailing list:

PS Since 2010 I have been a guest lecturer at JagielloĊ„ski Kurs Typografii which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Past editions

The subjects of the workshops usually result from my research, study and challenges of design work.


Communication for product owners and product makers
How to simultaneously think and design
Information Design: the noble art of subjectivity
April – July 2016
Designer as a planner with an aesthetic sense
Corporate Design: form, function, process
Typography of Branding

Tailored workshops

tailored to specific needs of the individuals who attend, focused on challenges and priorities of your organisation. The scope usually includes: design and desing thinking, communication and group work, working with conflict.

Some of the workshops (see below) may become a part of brand and user experience design process. If you are interested in these, please let me know at

Workshops scope

Design & UX:

  • symbols, workdmarks and marks
  • information design
  • intuitive design
  • user experience, research analysis and design
  • senses in experience design

Branding & Identity:

  • meaning & authenticity
  • brand building, brand identity and big idea
  • customer experience design
  • brand positioning & brand architecture
  • naming
  • brand typography

Group Creativity & Processes:

  • communication
  • design thinking
  • group dynamics
  • conflict and creativity

Books for designers:

Christopher Alexander: Pattern Language
Robert Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style
Karen Cheng: Designing Type
Alan Fletcher: The Art of Looking Sideways
Kenya Hara: Designing Design
Werner Herzog: A Guide for the Perplexed: Conversations with Paul Cronin
George Lakoff, Mark Johnsen: Metaphors we live by
Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit
Edward R. Tufte: Envisioning Information
Alina Wheeler: Designing Brand Identity


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