I’m a skilled product and brand designer, UX consultant, and creative strategist with extensive experience in prototyping, testing, and strategy development.

I help transform ideas and technologies into products that people interact with.

I am here to help you with:

product design, product strategy and product led growth

I have extensive experience in prototyping and testing, future visioning, and strategy development. 

I have supported several brands from initial ideation, through industrial and/or digital product design, to launch campaigns and further product development.

As part of the design process, I tirelessly advocate for user needs and experiences.

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creative strategy and brand design

Since 2003, I have been designing brand concepts and their manifestations for a variety of clients, including logos, websites, products, and user experiences.

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team facilitation and organisational culture

My focus on group psychology and communication in the context of process-oriented psychology has equipped me well for the challenging processes of group creativity and group dynamics.

My primary focus is on effective decision making in self-governing groups and holocratic organisations, facilitation of a creative process, and conflict resolution.

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I work across teams depending on the scope and requirements of a project to solve problems effectively — design is a process, not a deliverable.

I collaborate on independent projects with a proven network of programmers, developers, industrial designers, typographers, photographers, illustrators, and last but not least, strategists and consultants.


Research & Ideas

Good design is driven by ideas, clarified by research, and developed with in-depth knowledge and understanding of a problem and its context. Through meaningful work in close collaboration with clients, each project offers the opportunity for solving a challenging problem.


Design & Technology

Ideally, the brand, product, and/or system should encompass all aspects of a person’s experience in order to make it satisfying, consistent, and coherent with broader brand/life context. The human experience with a brand or product goes beyond the user interface.



Shaping design directions and user experience is a process, not a goal. Providing guidance, coordination, and — if needed — supervision to create a strategy for design success is an important part of this process.


What other people say about working with me

Maciek Gdula

Startups & Other Exploits

“Good designers abound, but only a handful can be entrusted with creating a top-down vision for a product or service.”

Anna Lewit

General Manager, Quadrille Hotel & Spa

“Our associates remain incessantly impressed by her consistency in innovative view to the brand design concept.”

Andrzej Śmiałek

Creative Director, ergo:design

“We are in awe how well she has captured the quintessence of our organization with the brand line, brand statregy and the design itself.”