Helena Ebert

Product Designer, Brand Designer

I am an experienced designer with a particular focus on product design and brand design. Throughout my career, I have relied on a wide range of tools and methods to design complex systems in a user-friendly way. I am passionate about developing human-friendly interfaces using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

A skilled conflict and group facilitator, I enjoy working with collaborative, diverse teams guided by the principles of deep democracy and consensus. I strongly believe in self-organised teams, sociocracy, and servant leadership.

See my LinkedIn for more details on my experience and education.

Mobile: +48 504 922 204
Location: Warsaw, Poland


Product Design

UX processes are unique to your business and product. They should encompass all aspects of the user experience, including industrial design, graphic design, user interface, and physical and emotional interaction.

Throughout my career, I have led medium to large-scale projects, including work-scoping and developing strong relationships with clients and stakeholders.

I have supported multiple brands from initial ideation, through industrial and/or digital product design, to launch campaigns and continued product development.

I have extensive experience in prototyping and testing, future visioning, and strategy development. Through sketching or other tools, I am able to visualize concepts related to complex problems, datasets or experiments at different levels of fidelity (from rough sketches to high-resolution designs).

As part of the design process, I tirelessly advocate for the needs and experiences of users.

Some projects I have worked on:

Data aggregator app with ML, which preprocesses and optimizes data to reduce noise

A pipeline for developing real-time ML apps on data streams

Redesign of a quote and bind platform for insurance agents and brokers

News Plaform

Pharmaceutical search engine

Collaborative tool to improve perioperative care

Eccomerce transactional system for healthcare platform

Online banking system

Electrosurgical units’ UI

Brand Design

Since 2003 I have designed brand ideas and their embodiments: logos, websites, products, and user experiences for:

Agora / CEDC / Credit Agricole / Grupa Zywiec / LPK Marketing and Advertising / Lukas Bank / Onet / PKO BP / Zubrowka / BNA Brand New Attitude / Ergo:design / Dragon Rouge / McCann Erickson / Studio Otwarte / among others.

A full list of the projects can be found on LinkedIn (though some are covered by non-disclosure agreements).

Group Facilitation

As an experienced conflict and group facilitator, I enjoy working with collaborative, heterogeneous teams guided by the principles of deep democracy and consensus. I am a firm believer in self-organised teams, sociocracy, and servant leadership.

My responsibilities have included designing and facilitating workshops with diverse stakeholders to explore areas and challenges, synthesise data, develop concepts, and lead user-centred teams to deliver products and experiences.


Open work(shop)

Being a mentor at several events (Service Design Jam, Google Launchpad Week, Startup Weekends) and sharing my knowledge as a guest lecturer has encouraged me to share my approach and experiences in a more structured way.

Once a year I hold a design workshop in Warsaw. Workshop topics are usually determined by my research, studies and challenges.

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Past editions


ML & AI in Product Design


Humane User Experience 3 hour Crashcourse


Communication for product owners and product makers


How to simultaneously think and design


Information Design: the noble art of subjectivity


Designer as a planner with an aesthetic sense (3 month workshop)


Designer as a planner with an aesthetic sense


Corporate Design: form, function, process


Typography in Branding


What people say about working with me

Zuza Ziomecka

Editor in chief of NewsMavens.com, VP of Polish Mindfulness Institute

“Helen is a very talented designer which is a direct result of her being a great thinker.

She’s a big picture, meta level intellectual brave enough to break out of outdated conventions and skilled enough to define new directions.

She’s funny, thought provoking, fast and relentless in her pursuit of both beauty and functionality. I’ve loved working with her on Newsmavens”

Anna Lewit

General Manager, Quadrille Hotel & Spa

“Since the beginning of our cooperation, Helen Ebert has been playing an important role as a safeguard of the right proportion between artistic value and marketing effectiveness of the creation.

Our associates remain incessantly impressed by her consistency in innovative view to the brand design concept.

We consider the products of our cooperation to be universally beautiful and – as such – validating the luxury of our brand. I strongly recommend Helen Ebert to the entrepreneurs looking for the original marketing concepts, proven solutions and highly individual approach.”

Maciek Gdula

Creative Director, ergo:design

“Good graphic designers abound, but only a handful can be entrusted with creating a top-down vision for a product or service. Helen is one of the select few.

Her sense of discernment and perspicacity is not limited to design and art alone, as she also possesses an understanding and faculty for good management and communication.”

Andrzej Śmiałek

Creative Director, ergo:design

“Helena is an extraordinary graphic designer. Her visual taste is immaculate and her ideas are always fresh. She has extremely supple and creative mind, which combined with great aptitude to cooperate, makes her indispensable participant of any brainstorming session – no matter what problem needs to be solved.

Helena has participated in numerous projcts carried out by our company; she has designed brands and proved she can express their character in various forms such as logos, prints, website design for corporate brands, as well as packaging and labels for products. Above all, Helena has ingrained herself in ergo for the most with her work on our own CI.

We are in awe how well she has captured the quintessence of our organization with the brand line, brand statregy and the design itself.

It has been a pleasure working with her.”

Grzegorz Ruszała

Strategy & Growth Senior Director at CBRE Corporate Outsourcing

“I had a pleasure to work with Helen on one of my start-ups (namely a mobile app focused on loyalty programmes), where she was in charge of corporate identity development, app design and overall user experience.

Helen did a great job, leveraging on solid experience, unique skillset and unusual (in case of graphic designers) business acumen that allows her to grasp immediately business ideas communicated by founders.

It is fair enough to say that a few months later we found her vision of the app design ‘replicated’ in a competing app launched on the market by one of the most admired companies in the world — which is a proof Helen takes the right paths.”

Dorota Serwach-Kowalczyk

 Marketing&PR Manager, FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz

“I have had a pleasure of working with Helena this year. She created the whole visual identity – from corporate logo to unique website – for our Law Firm FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz.

I must say she is not just a designer, but a real artist with bright and innovative ideas. Helena is a reliable and client-focused person.

She knew from the very first meeting with us what we were looking for and, more importantly, she understood our vision.
Furthermore, she has had significant positive contribution to the start of our Law Firm.

I have enjoyed working with Helen and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented graphic designer.”

Łukasz Walat

Lukas Bank, Marketing, Business Development and Control Manager Mid Corporate Project

“I am pleased to be able to write this letter of recommendation for Helen. I had an opportunity to work with Helen on projects relating to the marketing and communication area within the corporate banking division of the LUKAS Bank S.A.(Poland). Our co-operation included: – Logo Book for Corporate Banking Division, – visualization of the electronic banking transactional system, – visualization of the payment card, – graphical projects of documents relating to the corporate banking area, – graphical projects used for other purposes (eg. presentations).

Helen proved herself to be a highly skilled and exceptionally talented graphic designer.

She consistently produced superior quality work, on time, and within our budget targets. She appeared to be hard-worker who invariably understands exactly what the project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively.

She is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects.

I was particularly impressed by Helen’s ability to apply her extensive theoretical knowledge into the graphical projects she created for us. Some examples of her work I personally consider as pieces of art design.

I appreciate a lot Helen’s ability to complete all of her works for us on time, even when she was multi-tasking on two or more projects in parallel.

Her work was always thorough and comprehensive, and her project concepts were creative and always appropriate and timely.

On the interpersonal side, Helen has superior written and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with clients, trying to find solution responding to the client’s expectations and representing the outcome of good quality from the artistic point of view at the same time. In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with her, I can unreservedly recommend Helen to you as a valuable asset to your company.”

Borys Musielak

Filmaster.com, Owner

“We have worked with Helen during the design and development phase of Filmaster, a social network for movie lovers. Helena was responsible for the design of the logo, website and additional elements like ID cards and banners.

Not only her work was world-class but she was also very professional and helpful both during the design phase and later on, when she had no obligation to take interest in the project anymore.

Her usability advices helped to provide a considerably better user experience in the final product. It won’t be far from truth to say that Helena’s design and help was one of the reasons for early success and popularity of Filmaster.

I highly recommend Helena to anyone seeking for a professional designer.”

Małgorzata Seruga

Independent PR & Marketing Consultant, Emed & Energy Conservation Foundation in Poland

“I had the pleasure to appoint Helena Pryłowska to two projects that involved designing and implementing a brand line and ID strategy. Both of projects – run for EMED and Energy Conservation Foundation in Poland – covered unique and creative designs such as logotypes, web site, product interface and all of information and promotional materials design.

These would not be possible to archive without Helena strong ability to well-listen and quick response times backed up with her professional representation.

Especially, I appreciated her attitude to always go the extra mile when needed. It’s been great to work with her. I hope, I will continue to do so on next projects soon.”